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Immersive live streaming can be an invaluable service for retailers in their digital transformation journey. Even though shoppers are now back in stores, retailers have evolved their ecommerce abilities and have experienced the benefits of generating revenue through new channels. Live stream shopping through virtual 360° platforms adds a premium experience for brands connecting with shoppers between on-location and virtual environments.

Remote Participation Live Streaming Platform

360° Experiences for Virtually Any Event™


Virtual Shopping will transform what is today a flat and linear process (the classic web site), to an interactive experience creating socially immersive shopping engagements with brand ambassadors, influencers, curators, and presenters.

  • Personalized shopping experiences at scale
  • High production value
  • Higher conversion ratio
  • Brand building
  • Low cost entry


ODIENCE set of features


Immersive engagements

Once a user swipes a 360 video and learns they can manage their own live streaming session, there is no turning back to regular flat planar video. Shoppers will be wowed by the high end experience.

Content Creation

In a rapidly evolving online environment, consumers expect new and dynamic content adapted to ever changing social media trends. Odience provides content creation tools for premium retailers to easily produce high-production-value content and go live—quickly .

Mobile App & VR

It is no small feat to provide immersive services on a smartphone in the palm of your hands, then to to also include next generation VR capabilities demonstrates to your customers your commitment to meet them where to so choose, whether on mobile devices, or through virtual headsets, your brand can deliver elevated experiences.


It's one thing to deliver ecommerce within live stream, but to transparently turn on virtual commerce (vCommerce) within immersive 360 stream at the push of a button is transformational for your brand.


Build community and loyalty

Odience 360 VR livestreaming enables retailers to embrace cutting-edge digital experiences to engage, excite and drive sales. Odience extends monetization opportunities of existing store assets and ecommerce platforms by delivering hyper-personalized, immersive and interactive 360 livestream shopping experiences, connecting retailers with customers within virtual spaces.    

Latest clients

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“A fully immersive, 360‑degree experience demands the right 5G network. Working with Bell and AWS to enable the Odience platform gives us access to the connectivity we need and the expertise to innovate and deliver the best possible experience to our customers.”
Evik Asatoorian, Fouder and Creator of Rudsak
“Its been simply brilliant to work with the Odience team…what's excited me most is how we can have that integration with our customers, how the customers can seamlessly buy the products, and how we can really bring our events and experiences and services to life for our customers.”
Steven Mann, Customer Experience at John Lewis & Partners


Wireless MEC Platform


Immersive Camera


HQ Video Stream


Virtual Spectators
Frequently asked questions



How do I make my products available for checkout within the live stream?

Through platform APIs or industry standard product feeds, Odience connects with leading ecommerce service providers to integrate existing shopping experiences directly within the live stream, including support for live agents.

Can I charge for access to my live streams?

Yes, you can either choose Odience ticketing system or 3rd party service such as Eventbrite.

Can I integrate customer support agents?

Odience supports industry standard chatbots based on GSMA RCS Chatbots supported by Google. Retailers can choose to implement the provided chatbot, or integrate with their existing chatbot through standard APIs.

Can I restream a live event?

Yes, once an a live event has ended, retailers have the option to restream the video and allow users to connect with the stream and make purchases.

How do I reach my customers to promote live streams?

Using your existing channels from email to social media, or using Odience's smartphone push notification services (PNS) including support for good old SMS text messaging, you can promote your event through video and images linking to your Odience live stream.

Does the platform offer any business analytics?

Odience measures various KPIs that help brands gain insight into how users are using the application and whether the features and functions are providing a positive user experience resulting in higher conversion ratios.

What are my monthly costs?

For general users with limited amount of live streams and a lower cap on participants per event, the service is free. For advanced users who include ecommerce into the stream and with no limits on number of events, ability for higher quality streams, and restreams, there are ecommerce affiliate fees or minimum revenue per hour of streaming.

What equipment do I need?

A 360 camera from either Kandao, Ricoh, TECHE 360 (Lifepal), or Labpano. A 5G modem or a good quality internet connection to stream the video into the cloud


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